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Announcement: Michael Fiore Reviews – Do His Products Really Work?

If you’ve been searching for honest answers about Michael Fiore reviews, his products, or just curious about whether or not Michael Fiore can help you, then rest assured you are at the right place. Providing solutions to complex relationship issues is why Michael Fiore is rapidly becoming the worlds foremost dating coach and for good reason.

New for 2015, OBSESSION PHRASES is Michael Fiore’s highest recommended product to all his female readers over 35 who want to know how to make any man obsessed with them! According to consumers, “Michael Fiore’s products flat out work!”

Founder of Digital Romance Inc., Michael Fiore has either created or co-authored 8 programs to date. Early on, Michael’s programs were designed and successfully utilized by both men and women experiencing more common relationship struggles.  More recently, Michael has focused his knowledge toward developing 2 unique programs. For women, Online Allure Formula and Language of Desire.

His wide range of relationship products have been created to help both men and women with real life relationship struggles through good sound advice that has proven over and over again to enable the user to experience maximum results. Even though his methods are unique and sometimes considered controversial, many agree that Michal Fiore’s programs were just what “the doctor ordered” when it comes to restoring a broken relationship or how to find that one special person you can spend the rest of your life with.

Will Michael Fiore’s Products Work For You?


 It is important to note that all of these programs are intensive courses that go into great detail with a step by step approach that will get you the results you want. All of the products reviewed here are not just another in a series of Michael Fiore books but detailed information that has the power to transform love lives.

In the following Michael Fiore Reviews, we will provide a brief description of each product, what they are designed to do for you, and how to pinpoint the one that best suits your needs or personal situation. We will also, alert you of any negatives that real consumers have reported for each product.

As you may know, Michael Fiore’s products fall into 3 different and specific categories. Products for both men and women, products for women only, and products for men only. We will start with the products that are designed to help both men and women for specific relationship needs that both sexes share and need help in finding the right solutions.


1. Text Your Ex Back

This has been and still is one of Michael Fiore’s most popular programs that has helped thousands of men and women quickly restore the relationship they had previously lost. Anyone who has ever been through a “gut wrenching” break-up with someone the truly love knows how painful it can be. Most of us that have been there tried every imaginable tactic to get our ex back until we reached the point of “no hope” and eventually gave up.


Well those days are gone as Michael Fiore reveals the exact steps anyone can take to get your ex back through a series of powerful text messages that will have your ex wanting to get back with you NOW! Sound impossible?

For a more in-depth review of Text Your Ex Back and to view a video of Michael Fiore on Racheal Ray using these very techniques live in front of her studio audience.



2. Text The Romance Back 2.0

Whether you are married or have been in a meaningful relationship for sometime now, you have probably seen the romance slip away over time between the two of you. That scenario is completely normal for most couples and it happens without us even realizing it until we are there and left wondering where it went.

When you look back at when your relationship started, the fire you had for each other was so alive. Every touch and every kiss were filled with so much passion. The good news is, all of that passion still exists. The bad news is, it has been covered up by children, careers, everyday stresses, and just life in general.


Michal Fiore had you in mind when he created this amazing program. In it, he will teach you how to “get the fire back” that used to burn so intense before life got in the way and started sucking the life out of your relationship. Remember how you just could not keep your hands off one another. Yeah, you remember it and it can become an everyday reality again. Get more details of exactly how it works and how you can bring the romance back in your marriage or relationship today.




Michael Fiore Products for Women


1. The Secret Survey – Why He Lies

I think it is safe to say that we all wish this was not an issue in so many relationships, but the sad reality is it’s true. Men are different. Very different!

Did you ever wonder why married men or men in a committed relationship  look at other women? What are they really thinking when they do? Or do you ever wonder would he ever cheat? Is he cheating on me now?

These and many more are questions so many women want answers to. In Michal Fiore’s Secret Survey, he asked 21,412 men what they desperately want women to know but would never tell them.

The replies he got from this survey were staggering. The feedback he got in this survey revealed the real reason men lie to the women they love and the secrets to reading how your man really feels about you.


From this valuable information, Michael created 8 lessons in audio and video form to help you figure out, without question, how he really feels about you but just can’t bring himself to tell you. No more sleepless nights, no more wondering what he is really thinking or doing when you aren’t around.

Learn more details about how it works and how you can finally get the peace of mind you deserve.




2. Capture His Heart by Claire Casey

This runaway best seller was co-authored by Claire Casey and has helped 10’s of thousands of women find the “man of their dreams.” Claire even takes it one step further and teaches you the secrets of how to make him love you forever. If you’re tired of always seeming to attract losers and you just want to find a really good man that loves you more than you could ever imagine, than Claire Casey’s Capture His Heart may provide you with the magic you’ve been looking for.

This unique guide and course has even worked wonders for married women that were afraid their marriage was falling apart.

tips 2

Claire’s secrets have helped many women see life changing results in their husbands that resulted in their marriages reaching new heights never before achieved. If you are looking for a relationship of a lifetime or to make sure the one you have will last a lifetime, Claire Casey’s Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever is a must have resource. Get more information here.




3. The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith


Just Released October 2014 Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire

If you are among thousands of women that have felt the anxiety and frustration of your man pulling away from you emotionally and sexually than this may be the most important review you ever read.


Imagine what it would feel like to have your man focused entirely on you and only you for as long as you want him to.  Even to the point that he can’t even think of any other woman simply because of his overwhelming need and desire to be with you.

In this review, you will discover 33 powerful tricks and techniques that will keep him connected and devoted to you and only you.

Felicity Keith reveals the secret erotic language of the masculine mind that has women young and old wanting to learn the true “Language of Desire.”



Michael Fiore Products for Men

One of the newest products just released by Michael Fiore is strictly for the guys.

Michael Fiore and Marni Kinrys teamed up to bring the guys a very unique and extremely powerful product called “Crack The Girl Code”.

NO, it is not a product that teaches men how to be a career pick-up artist or to teach them a bunch of lame lines to use on women they may meet at clubs.

What it is, is a very comprehensive and detailed course that not only will teach you how to attract women, but rather how to attract beautiful, intelligent women. The kind of women most guys would die to be with but have written them off as “out of my league”. Marni will teach you what these types of women are REALLY  attracted and how easily you can turn the tables and have them chasing you using an evolutionary cheat code to the female mind that she will find irresistible.

Marni Kinrys methods work so well that is does not matter if you are short, bald, ugly, broke, or are not very confident around women. Who better to teach you about what attracts beautiful women than a beautiful woman herself that has helped thousands of guys connect with the kind of women they could only dream about but never be with. Go here for more details!




Online Allure Formula was released by Michael in April, 2014 and was a much anticipated product for those who are into online dating.

If you have ever been involved in online dating you already know there are many variables you cannot control. Michael Fiore’s Online Allure course will help you avoid all the online dating pitfalls and teach you how to attract only the “Good Guys”.

So many women have eagerly awaited the release of this new product to learn how to avoid all the potential headaches and deception involved with online dating. Read More Here.



Are There Any Drawbacks with Any Of The Michael Fiore Programs?

Unfortunately, there is one drawback (although rare) that occasionally comes up. Michael Fiore’s relationship programs have been developed over years of intense research done by him and other renowned experts to get you, (the consumer) the best possible results. According to consumer reports, Michael and his associates have been overwhelmingly successful at delivering a quality product at a great price.

However, because his techniques and methods have proven to be so powerful and can have “life changing” effects, there is that rare occasion that someone will purchase one or more of his programs to use for purposes of “ill will” or revenge against a husband, wife, or former partner.

If you are one of those people with those kind of intentions, please DO NOT purchase any of his products.

Other than that we have found no other negatives than the very rare instance that someone returns the product for a refund stating that it did not help them.


Don’t Forget the Michael Fiore 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

As mentioned before, Michael Fiore pours his heart and soul in the development of each of his products even to the point of bringing other experts on board to insure he has delivered the best solution for you possible.

He is so confident that you will get the results you expect and then some, he guarantees all of his product for a full 60 days. If you are not satisfied with any of his products FOR ANY REASON, Michael wants you to return it to him for a “no questions asked” full refund!

60 day

If you’ve been searching for honest answers about Michael Fiore, his products, or just curious about whether or not Michael Fiore can help you, then rest assured you are at the right place.

As of late, Michael Fiore and Felicity Keith teamed up to release another new and exciting program in October of  2014, The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith. His “no-brainer” guarantee is just one more reason his products are always at the “head of the class” in the relationship industry.

Closing Remarks – Buyer Beware!

Michael Fiore’s relationship programs have become so successful over time that whenever he releases a new product, “SCAM SITES” pop up all over the internet promising you false discounts, special bonuses, and in some cases even free access. PLEASE for your own protection do not fall for any of these false gimmicks. Trying to order through any of these sites will result in loss of  any free bonuses Michael has available and forfeiture of your 60 day money back guarantee.

Occasionally, if Michael does offer special promotions for his products, they can only be redeemed on his “Official Website” for that particular product.

           VERY IMPORTANT!

For your safety and convenience, every link on this site will direct you to Michael’s safe, secure website where you can order with confidence.

If you want a more comprehensive review of any of Michael’s products, simply click on the blue highlighted link within each of the short product reviews above.

New For Women Over 35 Who Want To Know How To Make Any Man Obsessed With Them!





Pavlov’s Panty Drencher – How Does It Work?

Pavlovs Panty Drencher Technique

Pavlov’s Panty Drencher

Pavlov’s Panty Drencher by Lawerance Lanoff, has proven to be one of the most powerful methods to have any woman shutter with desire for the man that knows how and when to whisper these erotic words in her ear.

The truth is, even women you thought were “out of your league” will beg to treat you as their own personal sex toy.

Sound to good to be true? Yes, I thought it did too until I tried it myself and interviewed other men that have as well.

I am Bob Lee and I have been interviewing dating guru’s for many years now and reviewing dating products and advice columns from all sorts of experts in the field.

I can honestly say that the Language of Lust by Lawerance Lanoff is the first of it’s kind as it is based purely on science and not on smooth talk and clever pick-up lines. All of the techniques and methods presented in the Language of Lust have been proven to work miraculously over and over again for men from all walks of life.

I have learned over the years that most men fear being rejected by a beautiful woman. Me included. Lawerance Lanoff’s tips have helped me overcome my fears of rejection to the point to where they are nonexistent. That is why I am so high on Pavlov’s Panty Drencher as it has helped me more than any other technique I have ever tried. In fact, I can almost say it works flawlessly 98% of the time.


How Does Pavlov’s Panty Drencher Work?

Believe it or not, all women have a secret erotic code that they cannot help but respond to. Many women are not even aware of what is causing them to submit themselves sexually to someone they barely know and in lots of cases not even attracted to.

Pavlov’s panty drencher is designed to unleash her sexual desires and literally crave to be with the man that was able to reach her in such a deep and personal way. Hard to imagine that just a few words can be so powerful and have such an overwhelming impact on a woman. But it’s true.

Pavlov’s Panty Drencher is not about just one particular phrase but many phrases geared to particular situations and surroundings. Once you learn the basics or how and why in the Language of Lust, it is extremely adaptable to any situation.

Maybe it is best explained by an excerpt from my recent interview with Jeff;

Hi Bob, glad to answer any of your questions but I would like to leave my last name confidential if that’s ok? You know, just in case you decide to publish this on your blog or somewhere.

I am 53 and married. I hate to say this about myself, but I am average or below average in just about every way compared to most men. One of my co-workers is 31, single and about as hot as any woman you could imagine. I have worked with her for about 18 months now and lusted after her since she came to work here. Me and every other guy on the planet.

For 16 of those 18 months, she would not even look in my direction or even have much of a conversation with me that was not work related.

About 2 months ago, one of my golfing buddies told me about the Language of Lust. He raved about it for months. I finally asked him where he got it as I was tired of hearing about all his great times with women. Some of which I knew personally.

I finally got my hands on a copy of Language of Lust and started learning all I could quietly in my office.

I got the nerve up to ask my co-worker out for lunch so I could try this out on her. I figured I had nothing to lose as she did not even acknowledge me anyway. She thought she was going out for an innocent free lunch. Honestly, I thought she was too.

I finally got the courage to try the Pavlov’s Panty Drencher technique on her. I was a nervous wreck. To my amazement and surprise, she literally changed right in front of me. She requested that we take the rest of the day off and I immediately said yes.

That afternoon was the most incredible sexual experience I have ever had. Bar none.

The only thing I am afraid of now is how to slow her down. If you knew me and this woman, you would know what an amazing accomplishment this was for me. Hope I can keep up!!

Jeff W.   Portland Ore.


Where Can I Learn Pavlov’s Panty Drencher?

You can learn the Pavlov’s Panty Drencher technique by ordering from the Language of Lust official website. If you are concerned about what to do, there are complete step by step instructions.

Also, for a limited time you can still get 3 free bonuses while they last.

1. Unlocking The Threesome Code

2. Personal Porn Star Activator

3. The Nice Guy’s Guide To Dirty Texting

Remember, Lawerance Lanoff is so sure you will be successful with the Pavlov’s Panty Drencher Technique, that he is offering a 60 Day, 100% money back guarantee.


Click Here Now To Get The Entire Pavlov’s Panty Drencher Technique


Pavlov’s Erection – How Does It Work?


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Felicity Keith Language of Desire Review – Who Is It For?


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Online Allure Formula PDF – How Does It Work?


Are you growing tired of the online dating game simply because you are finding it almost impossible to attract the type of man you were really hoping to find? Are you tired of all the scammers and losers who read your profile and respond to you looking strictly for sex? AND are you tired of waking up day after day with no responses in your inbox? If any of this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Many women were struggling with the same issues and were all but ready to give up on online dating. Until… they discovered the Online Allure Formula!


However, there is good news and there is hope no matter what you have experienced in the past.

As you will discover in our review of The Online Allure Formula by Michael Fiore, many women have learned to attract the kind of men they always dreamed of. AND many are even “kicking themselves” when they learn how easy it is to attract them.

Do You Know What Your Profile Is Secretly Saying To The Men Who View It?

What you’re saying and what a man hears and sees are entirely 2 different things. Yeah, we all know men don’t think right, but if you want to attract him, you first have to understand WHAT attracts him.

As crazy as this will sound, it’s kind of like fishing. You use different kinds of bait to catch different species of fish. If your presenting the wrong bait to the right fish, you’re going to have a long day. They are all fish but they have different preferences.

Well, these are all men and they have different preferences, and those preferences are usually closely tied to their character. So if you are not presenting yourself in the right way to the right type of man, he will not give your profile a second glance.

Have You Identified The Kind of Man You Want To Date!


Unfortunately, so many women do not devote enough time or thought into how to create their online dating profile that will attract the kind of guy they want to date. Sounds crazy, but it is so true in far to many cases. Most women just write the profile, attach a few pictures, and hope for the best.

Michael Fiore teaches you in his Online Allure Formula PDF what your profile and pictures are really saying to the type of man you are trying to attract. In far to many instances, it’s not saying the right things. So many women miss this and consequently get the wrong results or no results at all.

So first, you must identify what type of man you want to attract. Are you looking to attract “The One”? Are you looking to attract a man for companionship? OR, just some guys you can trust and have some fun with? May not seem that important, but it is vitally important to know exactly what your looking for when you create your profile.

How Can You Attract ONLY The Men You Want?

Most women make some sort of good, honest effort creating their online profile in a way that they feel would attract the kind of guy they want. BUT, again so many of those profiles wind up attracting everything but what they were looking for.

Michael Fiore created his Online Allure Formula PDF to help women attract only the type of man they really are trying to connect with. By just simply tweaking their online profile, many women have seen a drastic difference almost overnight and have soon found “the Man” or men they were beginning to believe did not exist.


What Do You Get in The Online Allure Formula and How Can It Help You?

Michael Fiore’s Online Allure Formula PDF is a very extensive program designed to walk you step by step from start to finish in attracting your ideal date online.

Michael Fiore has gone the “extra mile” to insure that you will attract exactly the kind of man you want every time.

Here is What you’ll get when you purchase today through his official website.

1. The complete Online Allure Formula PDF and Online Dating Guide.

2. Examples of profiles he has tweaked that will have your inbox overflowing with responses from wonderful men.

3. Michael Fiore’s magic “tripwire trick” that will take you from online flirting to offline love.

4. The Online Allure Photo Formula will show you exactly what poses and actions in your photos will need to have in your profile to attract the right man.

5. The Online Allure Formula Flirting Module will teach you the do’s and don’ts of online flirting to help you secure that first date with that special man.

6. “How to Handle Your First Date” Module to insure there will be a second date,(if YOU want one)

7. “Beacon Messages” that you can send him that will not make him think you are chasing him but will have him chasing you!

8. A guide to paid and free online dating sites complete with which ones work best and which ones to avoid like the plague.

9. A special in depth interview with Michael Fiore’s friend Nick about the “Emotional Psychology of Men” when it comes to online dating.

And much, much more.

Three Special Free Bonuses

1. Online to Alter – Susan, (Over 40) shares how she found her husband online and saved tons of time finding him with some very unusual techniques.

2. The Profile Transformation Bible – Learn exactly how to tweak your profile in such a way that it will not only attract wonderful men but automatically set up a road block for scammers and losers.

3. Lifetime Access to The Online Allure Formula Community – a place where women like you can interact, trade ideas and stories, and just support each other. Many close friends have been made here and it’s all free.

All This for Less Than $30


AND, as always, Michael Fiore guarantees you will get the results you want from the Online Allure Formula in 60 days or less or you will get a full no questions asked refund!

Click Here Now To Order From Michael Fiore’s Safe Official Website!


Claire Casey Capture His Heart PDF


Have you ever asked yourself “how do I attract a good man,” or “how do I win his heart forever?” Of course you have, unless you’ve had the great good fortune to have every man you’ve ever set your eyes on fall instantly in love with you, and all you had to do was pick one out of any number of Mr. Rights. For Those of us that aren’t as lucky, Claire Casey Capture His Heart PDF has just hit the market. Continue reading

Why He Lies To You – Secret Survey Review


Have you ever wondered why he lies to you? Even about things that don’t really matter. You’re not alone! We all have been lied to by the men we love at one time or another and yet, why he lies to you still remains a mystery. The following Secret Survey Review will help you find the answers you seek in how to feel happy and connected with the man you love.

Michael Fiore explains in a clear way without “defending the guys” of exactly why he lies to you even if he loves you with all of his heart. Continue reading

Michael Fiore Text the Romance Back 2.0 Review


Remember the early days of your relationship, when you practically wore out your thumbs sending fun, flirty, romantic, or downright raunchy texts to your significant other? If the magic has gone out of it lately, Michael Fiore thinks he has the answer. Fiore is a well-known expert in relationships and the psychology of dating, and his Text the Romance Back examples is just one of his brainchildren. Continue reading

Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Review


In this exclusive Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Review, you will discover that HOPE is just beginning of this in-depth program. The text your ex back system actually consists of video‘s, PDF, and mp3 files all contained in a comprehensive home-study course that promises to get your ex back guaranteed! Even if you have tried everything. Continue reading

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